eClientLink Custom Financial Statements, Reports, and Chart Editor

The Editor is a QuickBooks App for use with QuickBooks Online and Desk Top versions.

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Detailed instruction to complete Elks initial setup.

1. Sign up for the free 30 day trial. This can be done my selecting 'SignUp/LogIn' from the menu above.

2. If using the DeskTop QuickBooks version you will need to add your Qb file to the App. For more information on this step see >>>

3. Contact us at , and request us to send you the standard mapping file, and the FRS file export template.

4. Make any necessary changes to the mapping file and send it to the Grand Lodge. See Grand Lodge link below on how to send the file. Changes that may be necessary are to add any accounts that you may be planning to use. The mapping file is a standard CSV file and can be changed using Excel.

5. Start a new Statement (Report) using the statement wizard. Select a Custom Profit and Loss statement. For more information see >>

6. Load the FRS file export template (see step 3) in a new report. Make changes, if any. For the monthly transaction file, the only thing that may be necessary is to add any accounts that you are planning to use (same as step 4). See additional information on changes that are necessary for the beginning balance and the budget file below. For information on adding template files see >>

7. Assign existing accounts to the Grand Lodge accounts. For more information see >>

8. Using Print/Export/Update function export the report to Excel. For more information see >>

9. Save the Excel file as a CSV file and send to Grand Lodge.

Notes for Beginning balance file and Budget file.     

Beginning balance file: For this file you will need to replace the values in the Excel CSV file with the Balance Sheet values. You can get these values by running a Balance Sheet report in QuickBooks.

Budget File: For this file you will need to add a budget trial balance to the available trial balance page and then replace the default column information in the report template. Addition columns information, will need to be added to the Excel CSV file. See the Grand Lodge references below for the required additional information. For information on adding a budget trial balance see >>  For information changing the default column to the budget trial balance see >> 

Grand Lodge Link: Member login required.