The purpose of this help file is to help the Elks Lodges to use the eClientLink Report Writer to assist with completing their accounting and compliance with the Elks Grand Lodge Financial Reporting System (FRS).

The FRS requires that the Lodges transmit their transactions to the Grand Lodge on a monthly basis and that they change their Chart of Accounts (COA) to match the Grand Lodge's COA. The extended deadline to accomplish this was May 31, 2020.

Our eClientLink Report Writer can be used to simplify and automate the task of compliance with the FRS. See the 'How It Works' topic for more info on eClientLink

Our objective is to offer the simplest methods that will accomplish compliance with the FRS.

Under the GAAP for the Elks topic you will find discussions, recommendations and examples for accounting issues and procedures. Our recommendations do not include all possible solution or procedures, but rather the ones that we felt will be the most usable.

Other topics address some other issues related to the FRS.

For a link to our Elks specific web page click Here.

For a link to the Grand Lodge FRS page click Here. Member login required.

This help file is a work in progress, so check back for updates.